If the only tool is a hammer, all problems will be perceived as nails. Abraham Maslow
Our role is not to be architects of well-planned buildings, but the gardeners in complex and living ecosystems. Frederik Hayek
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Consulting and Support in Development Cooperation


Our consultant* advises, supports and keep learning (!) with small and medium NGOs  since 2011.

*) Daniel Boegli
Degree in mechanical Engineering and master in Development Cooperation, 20 years of experience in Development Cooperation, including 15 on field.
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Skills of our consultant
(specialties are in italics)

Institutional approach
Strategic planning, role of churches in social action, institutional programs and partnerships.

Project Management
Logical Framework Approach and methods oriented towards change and learning (Outcome Mapping, Most Significant Change, Positive Deviance... ).

Awareness & Advocacy
Integration of people with special needs, minorities and migration.

Communication & Training
Production of information materials (written, illustration and video).
Leading of participatory workshops (cooperatives, parents of children with special needs, leaders of associations, professionals, policy makers...).
Pre-field training of professionals (health, social, technic...).

Institutional program of NGOs, project management and follow up of expatriate staff.

French: main language: / English: fluent  / German: fluent in speaking.

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