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Project Palliative Care in Mauritania


The project "Palliative Care in Mauritania" is to introduce and strengthen palliative care in the Mauritanian health system –Hospitals, clinics, training schools ... - by involving professionals, decision makers, families and volunteers.

The project is a collaboration between CTS, ASSIDE –a Mauritanian association -, Cairdeas -a Scottish International NGO specialized in the introduction of palliative care in the Global South- and Cairdeas Sahara - the project team you can follow on / CairdeasSahara-.

Activities focus on the capital Nouakchott, working closely with the National Centre of Oncology. We’re expanding operations throughout the country through trainings of nurses and following 4 localities.

The links below lead to videos (in French):

Palliative care is an innovative activity in Mauritania. We bring a change with our partners:

  • Understand and follow through ACTION-RESEARCH :
  • Socio-anthropological study
  • Monitoring of the practices
  • Database
  • Facilitate TRAINING:
  • Medical staff
  • Families
  • Volunteers
  • Make real through PRACTICE:
  • Model of service delivery of quality palliative care
  • Multiplication
  • Make accessible and strengthen through AWARENESS and ADVOCACY:
  • Health Policies
  • Accessibility of medicines & care
  • Networking and support

CTS is involved in the monitoring of the project, in financing and networking in francophone Europe.

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